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One of most common and in high demand services is the clean-up of infected machines.  Most people think they have a virus, which is fact maybe the case, but it is just as likely to be a spyware or more recently a malware or ransomware infection.

A Basic idea of the differences.   A virus generally digs into your computer to steal information.  Spyware records what you do on your computer and the internet to collect information on you.  Malware or Malicious Software is designed to cause havoc on your computer system.  Ransomware is an off shoot of malware, as it denies access to your computer and holds it hostage until you pay a ransom, hence the name.  Unfortunately only about 40% of the ransomware cases actually restore functionality to your computer if you actually pay.

Using top industry removal software, in conjunction with clean machines which do nothing but remove viruses from external hard drive, we can remove most of todays top infections.

Question : Is it possible to remove every infection?  

Answer : No, some infections do too much damage to simply be removed.

Question : Can you get back data from a ransomware infected machine ?

Answer :  Usually, but not in all cases.  Some of the most dangerous ransomware can encrypt the data to make it unrecoverable and unreadable.

Total time for infection removal varies but can take twelve hours or more. Due to the time the process of removal can take, we recommend either bringing the computer to the shop for removal or utilizing the pick-up and drop-off services.

The maximum cost for virus removal in-shop is $135.00 and that is the worst case, which would include a hard level format and reinstall of the operating system and if possible data recovery.  

On-site removal would be charged at the normal on-site repair rate.

We also carry a line of the today’s top Internet security packages to help keep your machine from being infected by most infections out there.  

Myth : Internet Security will stop ALL infections.

Truth :  Internet Security stops the majority of known infections.  Unfortunately new infections are made daily and if an infection utilizes a  new method of infection, it may get through until an effective method of  stopping it can be devised.