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A system wipe or a system wipe and data restore can be done for several reasons.  Most common is either, the operating system has become corrupt due to heavy usages, infection or damage or a operating system upgrade is desired or needed.

Depending on the operating system, a complete hard drive wipe and operating install can take anywhere between 3 and 12 hours.  

The procedure includes a low level format of the hard drive, complete reinstallation of operating system, download and installation of the newest drivers for the system, download and installation of all available operating system updates (some operating systems have several hundred updates available), the installation of the basic Adobe software, and the most current JAVA installation (if requested).

If data restore service is requested, the original data is backed off to an external drive, scanned for infections and then copied back to the system once installation is completed.  Please note that data recovery includes data, music, videos and pictures but not program files.  To reinstall a program the original disc and license would be required.

In-Shop costs for this service are :

System Wipe & Operating System Reinstall - $95.00

System Wipe, Reinstall and Data Recovery Service - $135.00 *

  * Price above includes standard data recovery from the same drive only.

On-site \ In-home costs are calculated at standard on-site rates.

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